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Death tech: Subaio launches next-of-kin product with ABN AMRO

Subaio’s newest product is giving deceased bank customers a better last farewell. The new death tech solution is launched in continuation of the successful partnership between the fintech and the bank ABN AMRO.

What happens with your bank account when you die? The answer is that your surviving relatives spend a lot of time in a difficult situation just to understand what types of recurring payments you have. Which ones should be canceled, and which ones should be moved to, for instance, their spouse? This is the issue that the major Dutch bank ABN AMRO and  Danish fintech Subaio are addressing with their newest solution.

We are pleased to launch a new feature together with Subaio that provides a better service to our customers at the time of need,” says Gijs van Wijk, Lead Product Owner Innovation at ABN AMRO.

Death tech has been growing within the finance space. Recently, more and more companies – such as banks, new players, and end-of-life startups – offer digital legacy solutions for the relatives of the deceased. 

The bank saw an opportunity 

Subaio’s next-of-kin solution was brought to life as ABN AMRO saw an opportunity to provide financial guidance when their customers pass away. The new product offers surviving family members a simple overview of the deceased person’s recurring payments, including subscriptions, loans, insurances and more. This new launch makes Subaio the first company to go live in the Netherlands with this type of service designed for banks.

We are thrilled to expand the scope of our partnership with ABN AMRO. They are a truly innovative partner going above and beyond to fulfil their customers’ needs,” says Thomas Laursen, CEO at Subaio.

Innovation drives banking profits

ABN AMRO is one of three biggest banks in the Netherlands, serving around 6 million clients. The bank’s focus on customer-driven innovation is evident when looking at its digital customer experience which lives up to modern standards.

In the past, ABN AMRO’s customer support needed to go through financial transactions manually to find each recurring payment. Only then could those be canceled or moved by the deceased customers’ surviving relatives. This method was time-consuming as the typical Dutch person has more than 11 recurring payments on average. Now, this process is completely digitised. Thus relieving customers’ administrative burden of managing the recurring payments of their recently deceased relative. Helping customers in their time of need, Subaio’s next-of-kin solution contributes to banks’ positive reputation.

Since the start of our partnership, we significantly benefited from Subaio’s recurring payment expertise. We are looking forward to launching new features with Subaio in the future,” says Gijs van Wijk.

About Subaio

Subaio equips banks with industry-leading recurring payment solutions. Features like subscription management and next-of-kin generate extra revenue for Subaio’s partner banks. All while saving money for their users. The fintech provides a best-in-class recognition accuracy of recurring payments. Moreover, it comes with a fully mouldable interface that can be up and running within banks’ own environment within 3 hours. Subaio’s solutions are trusted by 8 banks, including Nordea, ABN AMRO, and Lunar.


ABN AMRO is a Dutch bank for retail, corporate and private banking clients, offering a full range of financial products and solutions. ABN AMRO focuses on Northwest Europe with an ambition to be the best Dutch bank. Their purpose is banking for better, for generations to come. This purpose is supported by three pillars: supporting clients’ transition to sustainability, reinventing the customer experience, and creating a future-proof bank. ABN AMRO is headquartered in Amsterdam, serving around 6 million clients and employing around 18,000 people.

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