Help your customers cancel and manage their subscriptions

Subscription management is a feature within your bank’s interface that allows bank customers to view, manage, and cancel their subscriptions,
saving money for banks and customers alike.

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We are a white-label subscription management service for banks

Reduce costs

Save money by reducing claims, disputes, and card cancellations due to unwanted payments

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Generate revenue

Generate revenue by offering products that beat the rest of the market.

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Increase retention

Retain your bank’s customers by saving them a lot of money each year on unused subscriptions

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get notifications about subscriptions

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subscriptions enriched with logo, text, and cancellation procedures


accuracy in recognizing recurring payments


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How does it work?

Watch the live demo of our white-label subscription management service for banks.

The demo shows you how bank customers can overview their recurring payments, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and get notified about any changes with a simple solution powered by Subaio.

In the demo, the live environment of Nordea and Spar Nord are used as examples. You can also read more on our How It Works page.