Meet the Experts

The Subaio team is made up of one big mix of gender, age, experience, personality and profession – but with one shared purpose.


Thomas Laursen

Chief Executive Officer
& Founder

Brian Jørgensen

Chief Technical Officer
& Founder

Frederrick Hamann

Chief Commercial Officer

Kåre Storgaard

VP of Engineering

Benjamin Krogh

VP of Data Engineering

Commercial Team

Catalina Lyngsø

Solution Architect
+45 4232 7123

Jonas Brauer

Head of Sales Engineering
+45 3031 1176

Jonas Kjær

Senior Partner Sales Executive
+45 5384 4584

Kent Appelby

Partner Sales Executive
+45 2226 9620

Peter Karstensen

Head of Partner Sales
+45 5069 9038

Sebastian Koch

Business Developement Rep.
+45 2066 4995

Stefan Hansen

Business Development Rep.
+45 2088 8915

Tobias Hansen

Head of BDR
+45 5380 7215

Ulrik Søndergaard

Customer Growth Executive
+45 6165 6605

Product Team

Arne Mejlholm

Platform Engineer

Aurelie Giraud

Data Product Manager


Data Engineer

Daniel Petersen

Data Engineer

Diana Lukasevica

Head of Data Enrichment

Dorthe Seerup

Data Enrichment Specialist

Kristoffer Gram



Data Enrichment Specialist

Mads Andersen


Nicklas Breum


Nicolai Lauritsen


Nima Mouritzen

Data Enrichment Specialist

Norbert Hinrichsen

Lead Data Enrichment Specialist

Pernille Moesgaard

Data Enrichment Specialist

Peter Sönder

Service Delivery Manager

Sandra Larsen

Data Enrichment Specialist

Sebastian Hyberts

Platform Engineer

Shin Woo Meineche

Release Manager

Signe Posselt

Senior Data Enrichment Specialist

Simon Kærgaard

Data Engineer

Sofia Zhivkova

Data Enrichment Specialist

Soheila Dehghanzadeh

Enrichment Engineer

Staff Team


Head of Staff & Financial Controller 

Olga Sitinska

Executive Assistant

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