Beat the Cancellation Struggle​

Reduce costs for handling subscription disputes and declined payments by empowering your customers with the control to easily cancel subscriptions themselves they do not enjoy – all through the same app.

Beat the Cancellation Struggle

Cancelling subscriptions can be hassle having to approach individual subscription providers. Either the customers do not get around to it and consequently lose control of their subscriptions or they find alternative methods like blocking their card.

Either way this – for the bank – results in unnecessary time spent on handling issues about declined payments, claims, disputes, and card cancellations.

Cancel covers the features

Automated cancellation handles the entire cancellation process

The customer simply plots in the needed details, signs a POA and the rest is taken care of.

subscription management app

Advanced Subscription Management
Service for Banks

Together, we unlock new revenue while bringing
loyalty-building services to your customers

Enhance Customer Experience​

Provide your consumers with a comprehensive overview of their subscriptions, ensuring they feel in control.

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