The Subaio Story

We help banks leverage the subscription economy to accelerate their digital journey based on our insights, products and solutions. Benefitting both the bank and their customers.

Deep-Rooted Industry Expertise

Being founded in 2016 by bank engineers, understanding the requirements and market conditions of the financial industry is part of our DNA.

Today, Subaio is owned by banks and backed by a Board of Directors consisting of banking experts.

We develop and grow our products with the needed technology and design to form a synergy with your online bank that accelerates revenue opportunities.

Living Our promise

We live by a promise to empower the financial sector with the insights, products and solutions to help them accelerate their digital journey.

We have specialised in the niche of recurring payments data and today, we are a leading SaaS-provider of white-labelled services for online banking platforms.

Every day, Subaio’s 40+ employees are putting their expertise at work to help banks and other financial institutions reach their business objectives through new revenue streams, user retention, data insights, and cost savings.

Loyality-Building Services

Together, we unlock new revenue while bringing loyalty-building services to your customers. All in a seamless user experience in the well-known environment of your mobile bank.

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Many banks are now seeing their customers' challenges with subscriptions, which means that today we have a different dialog
Thomas Laursen
CEO & Founder - Subaio

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