Built on Market Needs​

Increase customer retention, satisfaction and financial health by empowering your customers with access to a complete overview of their recurring payments that constantly keep them in the know about their financial stability.

Built on Market Needs

Identification of recurring payments requires many resources and is often too complex and time consuming for the banks to want to develop themselves.

Without this capability they are left with:

Identify covers the features

The subscription overview provides an overview of the user’s subscriptions and other recurring payments.

For each subscription and payment you get further details:

  • Logo
  • Monthly amount
  • Next expected payment
  • Card information
  • Yearly average
  • Previous payments

Advanced Subscription Management
Service for Banks

Together, we unlock new revenue while bringing
loyalty-building services to your customers

Enhance Customer Experience​

Provide your consumers with a comprehensive overview of their subscriptions, ensuring they feel in control.

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