subaio testimonials
subaio testimonials
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Frederrick Hamann

What do the users of Subaio say?

We asked five users about managing subscriptions straight from their online bank. This is what they said.

Subscription management is important for the users. 35% of consumers would according to Cicero Consulting like their bank to offer a subscription management tool. At the same time another study from bank NatWest shows that British consumers spend 562 euro a year on subscriptions they don’t use or want. 

One thing is statistics. Another thing is hearing it straight from the users themselves. Here you can see, what some of Subaio’s users think about managing their subscriptions straight from their bank’s interface. Here are their Subaio testimonials. 

Cancelled three subscriptions at once

“The first time I saw the feature in my bank app I was so surprised to see all my subscriptions at once that I immediately cancelled three of them. That was really cool. Especially when you like me have a lot of subscriptions that you’ve forgotten all about. I don’t get this type of help with my subscriptions anywhere else.”

Amira Esati, Copenhagen, Denmark

Saves time cancelling subscriptions

“When I wanted to cancel a subscription before this feature I needed to spend a lot of time on it. I had to log in to the subscription, go to settings or find wherever the cancel feature was. This can be hard to find. Now I just go into my bank app and do the cancellation through this feature. Easy!.”

Peter Lyk, Frederiksvaerk, Denmark

Thought it could only do overview

“At first I only used the feature to get an overview of my subscriptions in my bank app. I simply didn’t believe that it could also cancel my subscriptions so easily. But it can! I’m definitely using it in the future as well.”

Emil Enggaard, Nykobing F., Denmark

Used it to switch streaming services

“I like switching between different streaming services. But it can be difficult to cancel them. Sometimes it seems like the subscription companies are hiding the cancel function, which is probably on purpose. I’m definitely using this feature in my bank app to cancel and get an overview of my subscriptions in the future.”

Ann-Louise van der Wal, Varde, Denmark

Found subscriptions she had forgotten

“The first time I got the overview of my subscriptions in the feature I saw some which I had forgotten all about. I cancelled them immediately. Cancelling subscriptions can be hard to do, but this feature just makes it so much easier.”

Katrine Thorborg, Bagsvaerd, Denmark

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