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Subaio expands with Commercial Advisory Board

Subaio announces the establishment of a Commercial Advisory Board as a key part of its growth strategy for Europe from 2024. This move is an important part of efforts to strengthen Subaio’s position and support the company’s extensive plans to scale in key European markets in the coming years.

May 28, 2024 – In 2023, Subaio grew by 133% in terms of ARR. Despite this, Frederrick Tristan Malte Hamann, CCO at Subaio, adds: “Thanks to the new growth plan, interest from the market has exploded. “This commercial success confirms that our recently implemented growth strategy is working. Nevertheless, we are not resting on our laurels.” Subaio is always on the lookout for new ways to improve things, and to that end, a commercial advisory board has been established. Its purpose is to provide strategic advice and sparring, which is crucial for Subaio’s continued growth curve.

Among the new members of the advisory board are Sanne B. Friis-Olsen, former Risk Director and CCO at Lunar and Rasmus Jensen, CRO at Templafy. In addition, Thomas Nyegaard, CEO at Swiipe and former CEO at Banking Circle Group and ING in Singapore, will join the board.

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Sanne B. Friis-Olsen, Member of Subaio’s Commercial Advisory Board. Photo: Lars Bech

With 20 years of experience in the financial sector and previous positions as Risk Director and CCO at Lunar and Director, Financial Advisory at EY, Sanne B. Friis-Olsen has in-depth insight into risk management and credit rating. During her time at Lunar, she was responsible for credit policy, risk modelling and regulatory compliance and played a key role in developing the company’s risk management framework. “My experience with Subaio’s solution at Lunar has shown me its potential. I am convinced that transactional data is the future key to success in the financial industry, and Subaio plays a crucial role in this,” says Sanne B. Friis-Olsen.

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Rasmus Jensen, Member of Subaio’s Commercial Advisory Board. Photo: Lars Bech

Rasmus Jensen, CRO at Templafy, brings his extensive experience from subscription-based business models and building the entire commercial value chain in a b2b SaaS business model to Subaio. With an impressive track record of growing Templafy from a team of two to over 100 employees across continents, he now plays an important role on Subaio’s advisory board. “My career has always revolved around subscriptions. The similarities between Subaio and the successful b2c and b2b companies I’ve worked with made it obvious for me to get involved,” Rasmus Jensen adds.

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Thomas Nyegaard, Member of Subaio’s Commercial Advisory Board. Photo: Lars Bech

CEO of Swiipe and former CEO of Banking Circle Group and ING in Singapore, Thomas Nyegaard, with his extensive experience in banking and fintech startups, takes the last chair on Subaio’s commercial advisory board. As both an investor and founder of fintech companies, Thomas Nyegaard has great insight into the challenges of the journey to financial sustainability. “Subaio has an exciting product that solves a huge problem that I experience in my own personal finances. I see great market potential for Subaio’s solution and look forward to being a part of their exciting growth journey and bringing my experience into play,” Thomas Nyegaard adds.

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Frederrick Hamann, CCO at Subaio. Photo: Lars Bech

Finally, Frederrick Tristan Malte Hamann, CCO at Subaio reflects on the process of putting together an advisory board: “I’ve had many conversations with prominent profiles and have carefully selected these experts who match both where we are today and the ambitions we have for the future,” he explains. Subaio’s commercial advisory board consists of experts with complementary skills in risk management, subscription-based business models and international financial technology. These skills are essential to support Subaio’s growth strategy and scaling plans in key European markets in the coming years.

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