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At Subaio, we’re committed to forging beneficial partnerships with merchants like you, centralizing the ease of subscription management for users worldwide. Our platform isn’t just about technology; it’s about building a community where our partners thrive alongside us.

We understand the intricacies of managing a subscription-based model, which is why we’ve made the process of joining hands with us as straightforward as possible. There’s no red tape, no labyrinth of technical setups – just a clear path to helping your users manage their subscriptions.

Subscription Cancellation – Allow customers to easily cancel subscriptions, reducing frustration and potential customer service disputes.

Subscription Pausing – Offer customers the flexibility to pause their subscriptions, enhancing customer loyalty and reducing involuntary churn.

Change Subscription Plan – Enable hassle-free plan changes, allowing customers to upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans as needed.

Resubscription Options – Simplify the resubscription process, encouraging former subscribers to re-engage with your services.

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Merchant Benefits

  1. Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value
    Navigate away from abrupt cancellations due to payment blocking to meaningful customer journeys through verified cancellations, subscription pausing, and change plans which foster customer lifetime value through flexibility and choice.
  2. Minimized Friendly Fraud and Disputes
    Enhance trust and transparency with clear, manageable subscription options, diminishing the risks of misunderstandings and unintentional disputes.
  3. Boosted Brand Loyalty
    Empower your customers with easy-to-navigate subscription control options, promoting positive brand interactions and long-term allegiance.

Why Subaio? It’s simple …

Zero Fees, Zero Commitment
Venture into a partnership that respects your autonomy. With no sign-up costs or binding contracts, your collaboration with us is a stress-free decision.

Trusted by Thousands
Join the ranks of tens of thousands of merchants worldwide who have placed their confidence in Subaio empowering their users.



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Your journey with Subaio requires no complex integration. Simply fill out the form, and our team will reach out.

We’re ready to bring you on board, with the ability to activate your partnership as soon as tomorrow. Our support spans over multiple subscription management features, including cancellation, pausing, change plan, and re-subscription options. This comprehensive suite ensures your customers feel fully in control, fostering a more trustworthy relationship.




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