We do this by helping people become aware of what they are spending their money on. We are a team of coders, designers, salespeople and data scientists who get excited about shaping the future of financial technology. We work with complicated solutions that operate across channels and are modular and customizable for every client.

Where it all started

Subaio was established in 2016, in Aalborg, Denmark, by Thomas Kjølby Laursen (CEO) and Brian Jørgensen (CTO), with the purpose to assist banks in helping their customers make more confident and well-informed choices about their subscription spending.


In less than a year after Subaio was founded, we launched our pilot product, a stand-alone subscription management service for the Danish bank Spar Nord.

Since then more clients have joined forces with Subaio, including the largest financial group in the Nordic countries -Nordea, to integrate our white-label banking solution into their operations. With our current implementations we are already on our way to serve over 12 million digital banking users.

Expanding to a B2BC service provider

We have experienced a strong demand from banks to establish partnerships that enable them to give their customers access to new value-adding services and technology.

We are now cultivating partnerships with banks across Europe to give their customers a service that offers protection and actionable advices.