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A team with deep engineering roots

Subaio is a Danish software company. Our founders are engineers, we are born out of a hackathon and we regularly host meetups and we love doing hackathons. We believe that technology should be used to make the complex simple and in building customer centric services that solve real problems.

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It began with an odd payment

Subaio was founded at a hackathon in 2016 by two engineers with a long bank background. Prior to the event one of the founders had found an odd payment on his family’s monthly bank statement. What was this? After some research he found that it was a payment for a US online newspaper he had only used once and then forgot all about. This was the beginning of Subaio – the service that gives you control of your subscriptions.

A local company with a global view

Subaio has offices in both Aalborg and Copenhagen. We’re a team of more than 20 people with backgrounds from within software engineering, data science, design, customer service and much more. We all believe in the same vision – to give customers back control of their subscriptions. And even though our addresses are (still) only in Denmark, we’re proud to be the first white label subscription management service to go live with different banks in multiple countries.

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