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Smart notifications

Our smart notifications feature is the perfect tool for your digital strategy. With it you will be able to drive traffic to your digital bank app. This will help you to create more value for your users.

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Build trust and loyalty

Smart notifications are a great tool to maintain and strengthen relationships. They make it simple for financial institutions to connect with their users. Notifications are a perfect way to foster a regular conversion with clients. In fact, by giving relevant, actionable advice banks can even re-build relationships.

How it works:

  • We trust that you know your users best. That is why, our smart notifications feature works behind the scenes. It is your strategy that determines the number of notifications and how often the user will receive them.
  • There are many case studies that show how notifications add greater value as well as protection. We allow you to inform the users on various activities such as new subscriptions, charge change or cancellation ending.
  • The potential is high and the possibilities are many. Together, we can create a product that will work best for you and your users.
  • Our smart notifications feature creates trust through small and relevant actions, followed up by concrete individual advice.