Reduce costs

Subaio’s solution maximises banking profits by:


This is how it works:

Subaio’s solution lists all recurring transactions with the merchants’ name and logo, reducing costs associated with users calling customer support due to unrecognised subscriptions.

It also notifies users of subscription changes and warns them against subscription traps, reducing the risk of card cancellations due to unwanted payments.

Subaio’s subscription management feature allows customers to cancel their subscriptions with one click, reducing unnecessary expenses associated with subscription cancellation.

As simple as this may look, subscription management carries a lot of value for your bank


When parents discover that their children have signed up for a subscription in iTunes or Google Play using their parents’ credit card, they no longer have to call the bank to get out of the subscription. Subaio takes care of it with a few clicks.

Eliminate unnecessary costs with intelligent tracking that identifies customer’s recurring payments