Subaio´s white-label solution enables banks to offer new customer engagement and possibly create a new revenue stream. Our product portfolio builds on our market-leading financial data and subscription engine.

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Banks have transaction data that can be transformed into a powerful new experience. Our subscription engine is unmatched in terms of quality and flexibility. Subaio is the largest subscription management white-label banking software provider in the Nordics. Our solution is used by top-tier banks and with our current implementations we are already on our way to serve over 12 million digital banking users.



If customers find anything they do not want to spend money on anymore, now, they would not have to log into multiple sites, as you can help them cancel directly from your online banking platform.

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Keep customers informed, notified and on top of their spending. Advice them of changes, so they will never pay for unwanted or fraudulent charges again.

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You can create a dashboard that shows indications like Netflix, Spotify, memberships and utility bills. That makes it easier for your customers to know what they are paying for and how much they are spending.

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No hidden fees

We strive to make our service user-friendly for you and your customers. That is also why we aim to be fully-transparent about what is included in the solution we offer.

Banks that implement our solution will always know the yearly cost. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. Do not just take our word for it, we can arrange a client reference call if you should be interested.

  • Implementation
  • Cancellation feature
  • Dashboard overview
  • Support
  • Training and education
  • Updates
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Adaptable hosting


Our solution is driven by the end-user’s need for better financial advices. Request a demo and try it for free.

Subaio Data Enrichment

Your customers are your most valuable asset. That is why there is even more to a Subaio partnership. By implementing our solution, you will be able to enrich and optimize your own customer records.

Transaction overview

Enrich and optimize any transaction data, whether it is subscriptions, direct debits or simple purchases.

Upcoming payments

Compile a list of expected upcoming payments for your customers, based on active subscriptions and direct debits.


Elements like subscription overviews can be integrated directly into any dashboard.