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Comply with the New Regulations on Creditworthiness

Whitepaper (PDF)

Learn what the new EU regulation means for lenders’ creditworthiness assessment process and what it means by documenting income and expenses.

Personalied Selling in Digital Banking

Webinar (video)

A panel of experts discusses how traditional banks can leverage data to provide a personalised digital experience and identify new revenue opportunities.

The Hidden Revenue Stream In Consumer Loans

Whitepaper (PDF)

Get access to exclusive market and performance data of the European consumer loan market, learn how traditional banks should react to Buy Now Pay Later, and how to generate more revenue with the hidden revenue stream in consumer loans.

Case Study

Case Study (PDF)

Learn how subscription management allowed Lunar to stand out from the competition, acquire more customers and increase user engagement.

Case Study

Subaio and Nordea Case Study

Case study (PDF)

Get access to exclusive performance data of the subscription management feature in Nordea’s online banking environment.

Arbejdernes Landsbank
Case Study

subaio arbejdernes landmark case study

Case study (PDF)

Learn how the subscription management feature helped Arbejdernes Landsbank’s customers save 3.6 million euro.

Cross-selling with subscription management

cross-selling with subscription management whitepaper

Whitepaper (PDF)

Learn how to generate more revenue for your bank using cross-selling moments created by subscription management.

The Subscription Management Whiteboard

subscription management whiteboard video series

Video series (7 episodes)

Learn about the advantages and benefits of subscription management  from our video series.

Subscription management. The benefits for the bank and its customers

benefits of subscription management ebook

Ebook (PDF)

Learn about the advantages and benefits of subscription management for you as a bank and for your customers from our ebook.

Presentation of the live demo environment at Finovate 2020 conference in Berlin

subaio demo at finovate 2020


Watch the demo of the white label subscription management service in the live environment of Nordea and Spar Nord Bank.

How Subaio works

nordea banking app demo


Watch the demo of the subscription management feature in the live environment of Nordea banking app.

Subscription Management Essentials for Banks

subscription management essentials ebook

Ebook (PDF)

All you need to know about subscription management in a nutshell. 

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