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Java Backend Developer

We live in a modern world where you can order everything from music to groceries as a monthly subscription. Consumers deserve control over their finances. This is what we do at Subaio. We’re giving consumers a full overview of their subscriptions and making it easy to both unsubscribe and subscribe.  Subaio is subscription management at its best!

Lockdown or not, our Subaio family is in the midst of a huge expansion and we want you here with us! We are physically located in Aalborg and Copenhagen Denmark, but available online wherever in the world you might be, if you match our values and mindset.

Who are we?
Humans first, right?

We love telling stories at Subaio. And we are very proud of our heritage and the culture that we are building. It is our safe haven. The belief in storytelling also implies that we believe data speaks to the user and we are all about solving customer issues.

We love having board game nights, and we are open to other fun challenges you might bring with you!

We’re looking for a backend developer to join our rocket ship for the next phase, where we will expand our operations globally.

As a close knitted team, we work with quite flexible structure and you can expect a seamless working and learning environment. We love getting lunch together, playing video games (fancy counter strike?), getting together for hosting hackathons, and the icing on the cake is you get to work on your own projects when it comes to coding.

Your work schedule is quite flexible and we keep it casual here with a low stress vibe.

Just pull up a bean bag, get your headphones and headspace on and join us and code 🙂

What will you do?

Welcome to Subaio, where everyday is different from the next!

You will be part of one of our five-person developer teams who has the responsibility of building, improving and maintaining their own product. We have minimal overhead and bureaucracy as we want the developer teams to be able to focus on development. Our technology stack consists of:

  • Java Spring Boot, MariaDB, RabbitMQ and a bit of Node.js on the backend.
  • React and typescript on the frontend.
  • Our architecture is cloud-agnostic and primarily built with microservices. We already have a best-in-class product, and as we expand into new markets and release new products we need to stay ahead in that game.
That’s where you come in!

During a typical workday you will:

  • Architect, design and implement components, features, and systems in Java.
  • Identify and analyze backend requirements in feature planning sessions.
  • Communicate between our dedicated ops team, client developers, and other backend developers.
  • Work independently with access to support from management who will value your feedback and ideas.

Worth applying if?

  • You are pragmatic, but strive for maintainable and clean code.
  • You care deeply about the team, have the ability to ‘take the lead’, and not be afraid of taking initiatives.
  • Technology excites you and you strive to learn something on a daily basis.
  • You are proficient in English.
  • You have a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or equivalent.
  • You have strong, solid Java qualifications
  • You have experience with Gitlab and Slack, or similar tools.

Have you heard of us?

We are fast becoming the leading Fintech within Subscription Management. We believe in giving our employees the freedom to do their best, no strict rules, and the right work-life balance.

Subaio was founded in Aalborg, Denmark, in 2016 by Thomas Kjølby Laursen (CEO) and Brian Jorgensen (CTO), with the purpose to create products and services that simplify people’s lives by empowering them to make smarter choices about their subscriptions.

Our clients are banks that wish to offer their users a new valuable service that enables them to make smarter choices through their digital app. Hence, we provide our clients with a service that delivers user satisfaction, user retention, data insight, and cost savings.

If you want to be a part of a team that builds scalable systems that make a difference in people’s lives, apply now!

Get in touch

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At Subaio we help our customers with their subscription woes every single day and to serve them well, we need our people to be as unique and diverse as they are. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we strive to be a place where you feel like you belong and where everyone can benefit from equal access to professional development and support.

At Subaio we believe in ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. We embrace diversity and believe everyone should be able to express themselves as they see fit.  Subaio is an equal opportunity employer that pledges to not discriminate against employees based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.