Make subscription management simple

See overview, cancel subscriptions, and get notified. It is that simple. Those are the three main services Subaio delivers, and you can integrate all of them into your bank’s interface in a seamless white-label setup. Here is how it works!

how it works
highlight possible subscriptions
predict payments

See overview

View all your subscriptions and recurring payments in one simple overview. Subaio has the best-in-class algorithm that does all the hard work for you. Our API-based setup can even predict upcoming payments based on your payment history, and you can also highlight possible subscriptions to make the system even more intelligent.

Cancel subscriptions

It is easy to sign up for a new subscription. We make it just as easy for you to cancel it. All you need to tell us is what subscriptions you would like to cancel, sign a power of attorney, and our system does the rest. Forgot which email address you signed up with? Don’t worry. We will try several email addresses until we find the right one.
cancellation e-mails
sign power of attorney
monitor cancelled subscriptions
avoid subscription traps

Get notified

We notify you whenever your subscription changes, for example, its price or frequency. We also help you avoid subscription traps where you unknowingly sign up for a subscription. Additionally, we monitor the subscriptions you have cancelled to make sure that they do not withdraw payments after your cancellation.

This is how we do it

Integrate Subaio’s subscription management service into all your bank’s digital products from mobile to desktop. We deliver our subscription management service as a full white label service where you can customize everything to your needs. Click on the picture to learn more about the three layers of our solution.