Generate revenue

Generate revenue with Subaio’s solution by switching:


This is how it works:

Subaio’s solution detects all recurring payments on your customers’ account – even from other banks via open banking data. This gives you a complete overview of your users’ recurring payments.

Subaio’s subscription management system tags and lists your users’ payments, including mortgages, loans, insurances, and other financial products.

When your competitors’ financial product is detected by the system, Subaio gives you the insight and the opportunity to offer your customer a better product from your own portfolio.

As simple as this may look, subscription management carries a lot of value for your bank


If your bank’s customer buys a washing machine with an expensive consumer loan taken at the local store, the loan is instantly detected by Subaio’s subscription management system. This information allows your bank to offer a better consumer loan with a lower interest rate.

Guarantee your customers’ financial well-being with offers that beat the rest of the market.