Experienced Chief Sales Officer joins Subaio | Subaio

Experienced Chief Sales Officer joins Subaio

frederrick tristan malte hamann joins subaio

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Marton Kopp

Marton Kopp

is a Content Specialist at Subaio. He has a master's degree in communication and specialises in writing about the banking sector & fintech. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Scaling global sales teams lies in the DNA of the new Chief Sales Officer at Subaio. In his latest position, he scaled the company into a successful exit.

Frederrick Tristan Malte Hamann is an experienced executive who has fulfilled multiple leadership positions throughout his career. He has demonstrated to be highly skilled in scaling up global sales teams with a focus on growing people and growing business. Accomplishing the same at Subaio is his next objective. He believes Subaio has the perfect combination of the right people, a fantastic product, and an immense potential. 

“I fell in love with Subaio because of its people. They have a lot of passion for a product that can make a difference. It feels great to join the company. I am excited about the journey ahead.”

Frederrick Hamann is joining Subaio to bring value to Subaio’s customers and help Subaio on a rapid scaling journey. Such a scaling journey is not going to be new to him. He has extensive experience constructing world-class sales teams that generate revenue. Among others, as the former Chief Sales Officer and Co-Owner of the employee engagement app Actimo.

“I was the third person to join Actimo in the beginning of company’s journey. Then, we scaled up massively. We grew from having two customers to serving more than 350 of the biggest global enterprises when Actimo got acquired by the gamified learning platform Kahoot.”

The focus was always how to make people better. It is essential to create a goal that everyone understands and knows what it takes to get there. Subaio has a similar mindset in this respect, he adds.

The Subaio rocket ship

The foundation of Subaio is subscription management – an excellent service to increase bank customers’ happiness. But other recurring payment-based services such as assessing creditworthiness are the solutions that will take Subaio to the next level, he believes.

“Major European banks have reached out to Subaio to help them with their creditworthiness assessment. This is an area where we can make a huge difference. Subaio is a rocket ship that is about to take off.”

Frederrick Hamann is about to embark on a mission to strengthen Subaio’s commercial mindset, from marketing through sales to partnership management.

“Our goal is to grow people and grow business. When people are engaged and put their heart and soul into a project, everything can be done.”

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