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First subscription management service to enter multiple countries with same bank

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Søren Nielsen

Søren Nielsen

is the Chief Commercial Officer at Subaio. He is a former editor-in-chief, an experienced fintech entrepreneur, and an author. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Subaio is now live with Nordea in both Denmark and Norway. Subaio is thus the first white label subscription management service to go live with the same bank in different countries.

Subaio’s subscription management service has been a big success with Nordea’s customers in Denmark. Giving the customers an overview and saving them millions of euros in cancelled subscriptions. That is why the service has now also been launched in Norway.

“Subaio’s service is a great success and is being used by thousand of Nordea customers. It has already proven its worth for the bank,” says Head of Personal Banking in Denmark, Mads Skovlund.

Nordea was the first bank in Denmark to launch the service in late 2018. The launch in the Norwegian market is thus a testimony to a successful partnership that is now entering into one of the bank’s other markets. This is also the first time that a white label subscription management service enters multiple countries with the same bank. Showing how scalable Subaio’s solution actually is.

Showing Subaio’s scalability

Subaio’s CEO, Thomas Laursen, is very proud of the new launch. Especially as it is with the first bank that Subaio went live with in the Nordics.

“The partnership has been a great success in Denmark. Now we hope to do the same with Nordea in Norway,” says Thomas Laursen.

The launch and integration into the Norwegian market has only taken a few weeks. The basic integration was already in place from the Danish market, but there was still small local adjustments needed on the solution, while it also needed to be translated.

“Nordea has been moving really fast in this launch. I’m very impressed with the bank’s ability to work across borders and divisions. This is what is needed to make innovation work in such a big bank,” says Thomas Laursen.

At the time of writing, Subaio is live with five different banks in the shape of Nordea, Spar Nord, Arbejdernes Landsbank, Sparebanken Vest and Bulder Bank. Soon the solution will also launch outside of the Nordics. 

Subaio and Nordea case study

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