Fintech Founder Soren Nielsen joins Subaio

Fintech founder joins Subaio

søren nielsen joins subaio

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Shin Woo Meineche

Shin Woo Meineche

is a Release Manager at Subaio. He has a master's degree in IT and specialises in technology, people, and everything in between. Follow him on LinkedIn.

The founder and CEO of the pocket money solution, ERNIT, joins subscription management fintech company Subaio as their new Chief Commercial Officer.

In 2019, the founder of ERNIT, Soren Nielsen, announced publicly that the pocket money solution was for sale. The founder has spent the couple of months after the announcement thinking about his personal future.

“I’ve been talking to a lot of banks and other fintechs regarding the sale. Besides that and the daily operations of ERNIT, I needed time to think and spend time with my family”, says Søren Nielsen.

Among other things he found himself sitting on his living room floor surrounded by his six year old daughter’s teddy bears. She had called for a grand teddy bear meeting. There was an agenda and all.

“We discussed why the stuffed tiger never cleaned up after herself, why the seal couldn’t get up in the morning and how my daughter would switch between each teddy bear for bedtime going forward. It was great!”, says Søren Nielsen.

He probably still would be sitting there if he hadn’t been invited to so many coffee dates with his network of grownups.

Next stop Subaio

One of the meetings was with the founder of Subaio, Thomas Laursen. Subaio is a subscription management system that gives users back control of their subscriptions. So if you are one of those people that has Netflix, Spotify, a membership at the local gym and don’t know how many other subscriptions you actually have Subaio can give you those insights. The service can even let you cancel unwanted subscriptions straight through your existing online bank.

“I’m really looking for a purpose in the businesses that I work with. And this has so much purpose. I have no clue how many subscriptions I have, and I’ve tried spending way too much times canceling them. This is going to be a growing problem, and I want to be part of the solution”, says Søren Nielsen.

So the former founder of ERNIT has started a position as Chief Commercial Officer at Subaio. Here, he will be in charge of marketing and sales and also be a big part of shaping the strategy going forward. The company’s solution is sold in a white label version to banks, and Subaio is already live with the biggest bank in the Nordics, Nordea. Next stop is to scale outside of the Nordics.

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