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Financial advice

At Subaio, we provide features beyond subscription cancellation. We allow banks to give their users financial advice straight from their digital platform. Create a new revenue stream and inspire your users to invest their money better.

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Giving valuable assistance

You can now provide financial assistance to your users directly from your digital platform. Motivate your users to further benefit from your financial services. Help them find funds and saving accounts in your bank and invest their money meaningfully. Give users great guidance and allow them to build new habits and get financially fit.

How it works:

  • Our financial advice feature allows you to assist your users in operating their money, build new relations with them and motivate them to invest though your bank services.
  • When a subscription is cancelled, users can now choose directly from your platform financial offers where to invest their finances in.
  • Users can also contact you directly from the platform for a custom investment advice on where to invest. This will help you bring more value to your users and give them a personalized experience.