Our cutting-edge cancellation engine is using the latest industry standards and we are in the forefront of the machine learning technology. That is why we can handle millions of subscriptions across multiple countries.

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By offering your customers the possibility to cancel any subscription, direct debit or memberships, you provide a new experience in finance management that builds trust. Cancelling is not just cancellation of payment. When we say that we take care of the hard part, we mean it and that is why it is an end-to-end cancellation feature.

How it works:

  • We know that you may want to give the user the possibility to cancel unwanted subscriptions, direct debts and memberships, in your existing user journeys. That is why we have built our solution with high flexibility so you can decide where you want the cancellation feature.
  • When the user has clicked on the cancellation button, they will sign a digital power of attorney allowing the cancellation of subscriptions.
  • We think that it is important to make the user understand how the cancellation action can effect them. Therefore, we show the user how much money they have saved by cancelling that subscription.
  • During the cancellation process the user will be kept informed of the progress. The “Cancellation in progress” status will be updated so the user can feel safe and in control.


Offering a simple and beautiful user experience. Our white-label solution is easy to drop into whatever you are building and is designed to optimize the financial relationship that you are having with your customers.