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Dashboard overview

We know it is hard to find subscriptions and other recurring payments in your transaction data. With our best-in-class solution, you will be able to identify any subscriptions via a dashboard overview. Furthermore, it shows other recurring charges such as insurance and memberships.

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Creating new habits

Our solution enables users to get a better understanding of what they are spending their money on. As a result, you will help your users to build new habits and get financially fit.

How it works:

  • With our dashboard overview you can create a unit place in your digital platform for subscription management. This will enable you to build a new relationship with your users.
  • The dashboard shows all subscriptions, direct-debits and memberships that the users are paying for.
  • If any subscription is missing from the list, the user can click on “Find subscription”, which will display a listing of possible transactions. The user simply chooses the transaction that is missing. This will make the engine start processing the information.
  • We all know that payments can occur in many places. That is why Subaio also includes features to help the users manage subscriptions that they pay for through different App Stores.