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The subscription management space is evolving quickly. More and more people are struggling with getting control of their subscriptions – on our blog you can get the latest news about Subaio and get updated with the latest insights within subscriptions.

What do the users of Subaio say?

In the end it’s all about what the users are saying. Check out how Subaio’s subscription management service is helping bank customers take control of their recurring payments.

Subaio launches with Spar Nord in Denmark

Subaio and Denmark’s fifth largest bank, Spar Nord, have launched a subscription management service into the local market. The solution is both available on mobile and desktop.

4 ways to get caught in a subscription trap

While subscriptions are on the rise, so are the tricks to get you to sign up. Even without you knowing it. The so called subscription traps. See the fraudsters most common tactics here.

Fintech founder joins Subaio

The fintech founder, Soren Nielsen, is the new Chief Commercial Officer at Subaio. His task will be to scale the business outside of the Nordics.